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Best Art Gallery in Kerala
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Best Art Gallery in Kerala
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Best Photo Frame Shop In Trivandrum Kerala

Bhavageetham Art Gallery hail its humble beginning at Vellayambalam the fag end of the last Millenium,1999. What started as a small outlet, retailing in reproduction of Ravivarma Paintings, Has hence grown to a full-fledged Art Gallery with major outlets in Guruvayur and Kozhikode.We also have a significant presence on the globel net. We have also been involved with various art development and promotion activities such as art camps at various locations and one regional presence in all art exhibitions.


Our Product Information

1.Originals by acknowledged master painters like Marthandom Rajasekharan, Martin, Mahindran, Vishnu and many more.
2. Murals By Sreeraj, Babeesh, Naveen, Santhosh
3. Ravivarma Reproductions: The Prince of Painters,our original passion still occupies a privileged spot in our hearts and the galleries.
4. Landscapes both Originals and reproductions
5. Western reproductions
6. Theme, Period and Religious Paintings including Tanjore Originals by Manikantan hold a high spot in our inventory.
7.Abstract and realistic painting:Originals and reproduction for those with a forward bend of mind.

We will Provide Franchises of our Art Gallery,
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